Where is my ... ?

The cute baby animals in these popular touchand-feel books are searching for something or someone. Help them follow the fuzzy trails and lead them to their desired destination. Along the way, you will come across lots of soft elements to touch and explore


Cardboard books with felt pages, 12 pages (incl. cover) Size: 16 x 17 cm


How do you feel?

Look at these animals! How do they feel? Are they happy, sad, angry, scared, just sleepy, or maybe in love? Children can find out by turning the big wheel. They will learn to recognize emotions while enjoying the click-click sounds of the wheel.


Board book + turning wheel,

14 pages (incl. cover)

Size: 24 x 24 cm


I know how to ...

Challenging tasks for children like telling the time, tying your shoelaces and brushing your teeth, become easy and fun with the entertaining, step-by-step instructions in these lovely books. Lacing various shapes is the newest addition to this successful series.


Board book, 12 pages (incl. cover)

5 couloured laces

Size: 19 x 23 cm


Luv ya!

Can you help these springy animals hide? Push them down and let them bounce back!


Board book

10 pages (incl. cover)

Size: 18 x 17 cm


Finger puppet books

Our finger puppet books are an ongoing success story. We are now introducing three new titles in the cute new Baby series.


Board book,

14 pages (incl. cover) + finger puppet

Size: 11 x 11 cm